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RBG: 1-sided Long-sleeve V-Neck

RBG: 1-sided Long-sleeve V-Neck

Single-line drawing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg using her own words. White ink on black. Text is NOT on the shirt but will be provided on paper with any purchase.  NOTE: photo is short-sleeve - this is LONG-SLEEVE.




  • 15 by RBG: Quotes

    15 Quotes by Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.

    Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn't be that women are the exception.

    So often in life, things that you regard as an impediment turn out to be great, good fortune.

    People ask me sometimes... “When will there be enough women on the court?” And my answer is: “When there are nine.” People are shocked. But there'd been nine men, and nobody's ever raised a question about that.

    Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.

    Reacting in anger or annoyance will not advance one's ability to persuade.

    You can't have it all, all at once.

    My mother told me to be a lady. And for her, that meant be your own person, be independent.

    I'm a very strong believer in listening and learning from others.

    In every good marriage, it helps sometimes to be a little deaf.

    A gender line... helps to keep women not on a pedestal, but in a cage.

    If there was one decision I would overrule, it would be 'Citizens United.' I think the notion that we have all the democracy that money can buy strays so far from what our democracy is supposed to be.

    You can disagree without being disagreeable.

    Women will have achieved true equality when men share with them the responsibility of bringing up the next generation.

    Justices continue to think and can change. I am ever hopeful that if the court has a blind spot today, its eyes will be open tomorrow.


    Artwork by Carol Bloomgarden (

    (N.B. The first quote begins above RBG's left ear)

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Color: Black
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