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Personalized "Secret Message" Art
  • Custom drawings are in black ink on white art paper. If the text is repeated there will be a number next to my initials (a circular "CB" either at the bottom right or at the end of the text). The number indicates how many times the quote or poem was repeated (yes, definitely a nod to Al Hirschfeld's "NINAs"!).
  • Drawings are approximately 3.25" x 5.25" to fit into a standard mat for 5" x 7" frames.
  • Pieces will be provided in standard gray/black double matting.  Mats provided are acid-free but not cotton rag. Therefore for full protection over time you should have your piece professionally framed.
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.  Faster service and delivery may be available depending upon my schedule; please contact me directly to request.
  • Before ordering, please have some ideas in mind for:
    • Image (such as an animal, a sailboat, a football player, etc.)
    • Words (do you want a famous quote, song lyrics, poem? Or words you compose?)
In general, anywhere from 10-80 words will work; shorter text will be repeated as mentioned above. For longer pieces the words will likely be smaller and hence not necessarily easily read, even with magnification!  More than 80 words will need to be discussed, with prices adjusted accordingly.
Larger or more complex pieces may be available; please contact me for a quote!
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