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Pots for Pennies, 2022 Edition
by Gordon and Carol


While our pottery skills and collection have benefited from this godawful pandemic, much of our local community has not. Food insecurity, obstacles to accessing good healthcare, and mental health challenges have affected many of our friends and neighbors.  So Gordon and I have decided to sell our pots and donate the proceeds to local organizations.  


We are NOT professional potters - we do this for fun.  These are NOT perfect. These pots vary in quality. Some are heavier than they look; others have minor glaze oopsies or came out a little funky but most we’ve just decided for some reason not to keep them. (Other than the fact that we have NO MORE ROOM and still keep on making more pots....)

About the pots

Unless otherwise noted, these pieces are presumed food-safe, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe, because the glazes we use have been tested individually. However, in cases where the inside of a mug or bowl has two glazes dripping into eachother, those combinations have NOT been tested in a laboratory.  If you'd like to have them tested, go for it.  Some of the pieces that are glazed with celadons (Amaco brand) show little fine crackling effect... they are food safe but will probably eventually stain along the crackling lines, so don’t leave your black tea in there overnight.  Sanitize them in the dishwasher.

How to bid or buy

Each item has a requested minimum donation. Most are under $10, although there are some very special pieces we are really trying to use to raise more money.  To request an item, fill in the form at the bottom of the detail page for that group.  Please be as specific as possible when referencing an item in a group photo.  I will contact you to confirm the amount you'd like to donate and to set up payment and shipping.

Keep in mind that shipping is expensive.  If you can pick up from us directly or meet me in Ithaca or thereabouts, that’d be the best and will save you $. Otherwise add $20 for shipping one item, and add another $5 for each additional item you are purchasing. I will confirm your total and the payment details when I receive your bid and contact info.  You can also pick a category to direct your donation towards at that time.

Happy shopping, and THANK YOU!!!

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